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Russian Knapweed 80% Costshare Program

The District is offering to provide herbicides to private landowners at an 80% costshare for treatments on russian knapweed. 

Costshare Policies

  • The costshare is on chemical only. 

  • Landowners must apply the chemicals themselves or hire a private contractor to do so. Below is a list of private contractors who have given the district permission to disclose their contact information.  

  • Chemical will be sold on a first come, first serve basis until stocks or funding are depleted. 

  • $1,000 limit per landowner.

  • Products offered are Milestone and DuraCor herbicides and may be purchased at the District office.

Application Guidelines

  • Apply Milestone at a rate of 6 oz./acre.

  • Apply DuraCor at a rate of 16 oz/acre.

  • Milestone is most effective when applied in the early fall when russian knapweed is approaching dormancy.

  • DuraCor may be applied to russian knapweed at any growth stage for effective control. 

  • Use of a surfactant such as methylated seed oil or a nonionic surfactant is recommended.

  • Blue indicator die may also be used for spot treatments to avoid treating the same weeds multiple times.

  • Surfactants and dye may be purchased at the District office at full price.

Private Contractors

  • AMF Weed Spraying: 307-254-0409

  • Garrett Anderson: 307-272-5601

  • Big Horn Pest Control: 307-254-3316

  • Dihedral Drones, LLC: 307-527-0917

  • Kodiak Pest: 307-250-5356

  • Alan Perry (Aquatic  weed control): 406-665-5437

  • Crop Air: 307-272-1703

  • Shafer Aviation: 307-277-3822

  • Shay Curuchet: 307-680-4002

  • Heli-works Flight Services: 406-846-1388

Russian Knapweed Rosette.jpg

Russian Knapweed (Rhaponticum repens) Rosette


Russian Knapweed (Rhaponticum repens) flowering stage

Russian Knapweed flower.jpg

Russian Knapweed (Rhaponticum repens) flower and buds

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