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About Us

The Big Horn County Weed and Pest Control District is a County based special district authorized by Wyoming Statute 11-5-103. The purpose of the District is to implement and pursue an effective program for the control of designated noxious weeds and pests. To carry out this responsibility, the Big Horn County Commissioners appoint a board consisting of seven members who represent different areas of the County. The District is funded by tax dollars based on the county valuation and approved by the County Commissioners.


The District hires staff as needed to carry out the mission of the District. Currently, there are three full-time staff members. Seasonal employees and private contractors are also hired during the summer to help during the busy season. The District offers a variety of cost share programs, bounty programs, and weed free product inspections to County residents. The District may also sell pesticides to county residents which have been registered with the Department of Ag for the control of designated or declared weeds and pests. 


The Big Horn County Weed and Pest is also responsible for enforcing the Wyoming Weed and Pest Act. Big Horn County is one of the few districts that have a district-wide quarantine which requires that before any crop can be harvested and moved off the land it was grown on, it must be inspected and released by a District staff member.

Mission Statement
  • To pursue and implement effective programs for the management of designated and declared weeds and pests within the boundaries of Big Horn County.

  • To aid in the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the County’s agricultural and natural resources.

  • To promote and coordinate the management of designated and declared weeds and pests by cooperating with landowners, organizations, and agencies.

  • To promote integrated weed and pest management by providing technical expertise and educational opportunities to all County residents.

Click the link below to request one of the services that the District offers.

Full Time Staff

Cliff Winters ~ District Supervisor
Bobbi Haley ~ Assistant Supervisor, Office Manager

Porter Jones ~ Assistant Supervisor

Board of Directors

Area 1      Ken Blackburn
Area 2      Tim Beck ~ Chairman
Area 3      Dale Nuttall ~ Treasurer
Area 4      Todd Jones
Area 5      Janalee Call ~ Vice Chair
South at-Large   Linda Hamilton
North at-Large    Kie Miller

Contact Information

Address: 4782 U.S. Highway 310

                 P.O. Box 567

                 Greybull, Wy 82426

Phone: 307-765-2855


Office Hours

Monday - Friday

April 1 - October 31

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

November 1 - March 31

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

December 19th - January 2nd

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